September 4th 2017

Addendum to September 4/17 or rather probably the preface to that conversation:

Yes I have procrastinated and I must admit it was getting my mind around this subject of “civil disobedience” as suggested by the Archangel Michael.  I think I have arrived at some direction that We, the You and Me, may take in the very near future, like right now! I am assuming that I have covered the reasons that we cannot have an outright civil disobedience in other writings so will not belabor the topic at this time.

And/ but I have done my due diligence over the past month in piecing together other sources of information that will “tell it like it is ” “and it isn’t going to be pretty by any stretch of the imagination” (taking from the conversation below). This information will come in torrents in the next month ( hopefully Anya, the keeper of this site,  can keep up with this torrent of information – chuckle). Enough said, yes on with it Michaelsir: 

Monday September 4th 2017; 8:00 am

Was that sorta of one ring?

Well yes, Michaelsir – just testing as we have done on a number of occasions to get your attention but to no avail until now.

Well why this “way” and at this time, not our appointed time?

Now who sets the “appointed” time, Michaelsir (with emphasis)

Well, not me

Precisely , precisely old chap – chuckle and you are getting there chuckle.

Okay dokie, I need not be reminded of this time in my life – I seem to remind myself of every day, And? (at a later date, I have no idea what I was getting at here?)

Oh yes that – yes Michaelsir – we/I love you!

 Good – now what brings you to my humble abode?

Same old, Same old, time is a wasting Michael – you are procrastinating that is for sure and in essence we understand your dilemma  – But – get on with it – as we have said many times Michaelsir – it is there – just write.

            As “you” can plainly see it isn’t getting any better out there in your world – the dogs of war are itching to have their nuclear confrontation – and we all know the end result – and it isn’t going to be pretty by any stretch of the imagination  . . .  You know it, We know it and they know it – but – psychopaths do what they do regardless of the consequences.

             They are blinded by this unquenchable urge to show their power  and again regardless of the consequences to your planet and mankind. you will enter a dark period of history not yet experienced by your fellow man – and – planet Earth, My planet may never recover from this, how shall we say – this – words fail to come to describe what this planet may become – lifeless, yes that is the word Lifeless in every respect. How’s that for telling it like it may be. May be – but we rest our cause in your hands Michaelsir – We are getting tired (again) of imploring you to “rescue” your planet and it’s people from a total disaster.

             Enough said, – again – it is time – your time -the Earth’s time your fellow man/woman’s time. Again you must take that first step to alert the peoples of the future which may not exist for your kind and planet Earth. What a shame – you (all) have everything and yet you continually squander the opportunity of making your planet a heaven on Earth. But – enough of this rambling – We cannot say it any more forcefully than – it is time – your time to be our voice of reason.

             Write Michael as it comes – you are different – you are our prophet regardless of the many before and the impostors that cry deliverance, have created, more than less followers who do nothing to alleviate the suffering of my children – yes, they come in the name(s) of some God, some idea, some . . . . some saying and they glorify in their power over so many. And we will not name them  – but you have Michael and nothing really gets done – nothing above is –

             Yes I could ramble at length on that subject above but why muddy the waters even more (on this subject). Enough Michael it is in your hands and we expect you to stand to the plow and unearth the terrible consequences of the psychopaths in your midst.

            Enough said – thank you Michael, you do us proud!



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