Only One Earth


The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet – Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos (1972)

An unofficial Report Commissioned by the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. Prepared with the assistance of a 152 member committee of corresponding consultants in 58 countries.

from page 220  . . . . .

World plans for health and education, world investment in progressive farming, a world strategy for better cities, world action for pollution control and an enhanced environment would simply be seen as logical extensions of the practice of limited intergovernmental cooperation, already imposed by mutual functional needs and interests.

Our new knowledge of our planetary interdependence demands that the functions are now seen to be world-wide and supported with as rational a concept of self-interest.. Governments have already paid lip service to such a view of the world by setting up a whole variety of United Nations agencies whose duty it is to elaborate world-wide strategies. But the idea of authority and energy resources to support their policies seems strange, visionary, and Utopian at present, simply because world institutions are not backed by any sense of planetary community and commitment. Indeed, the whole idea of operating effectively at the world level still seems in some way peculiar and unlikely. The planet is not yet a center of rational loyalty for all mankind.

But possibly it is precisely this shift of loyalty that a profound and deepening sense of our shared and interdependent biosphere can stir to life in us. That men can experience such transformations is not in doubt. From family to clan, from clan to nation, from nation to federation-such enlargements of allegiance have occurred without wiping out the earlier loves. Today, in human society, we can perhaps hope to survive in all our prized diversity provided we can achieve an ultimate loyalty to our single, beautiful, and vulnerable planet Earth.

Alone in space, alone in its life-supporting systems, powered by inconceivable energies, mediating them to us through the most delicate adjustments, wayward, unlikely, unpredictable, but nourishing, enlivening, and enriching in the largest degree- is this not a precious home for all of us earthlings? Is it nor worth our love? Does it not deserve all the inventiveness and courage and generosity of which we are capable to preserve it from degradation and destruction and, by doing so, to secure our own survival.

Note: I have taken the liberty of highlighting certain phrases.

It certainly makes sense that the Arch Angel Michael insists that I address the United Nations on behalf of Planet Earth and its inhabitants, and remind the UN  again that we are ONE, regardless of our separation by nation, state, tribe, and religion. It would take a gargantuan shift in “loyalty“, a shift in “consciousness“; but do “they”  have any another choice to avoid the catastrophic events now taking place on this “single, beautiful, and vulnerable planet Earth”?

Having added that “note” above, it is absolutely essential that each one of us on this single, beautiful, and vulnerable planet Earth also make this same shift in loyalty and consciousness, that we are ONE regardless of the separation imposed upon us by the hierarchies of all of our governing systems and religion.