Michael and Me

Well here we are [the Archangel Michael and me, the Earth bound Michael, (for now)] and me thinks it is time to unveil the next steps I have taken on behalf of this Arch Angel.

I have been in somewhat constant contact with the Archangel Michael for some time now and this is the culmination (the web site)  of those conversations and the direction that my life will take in the ensuing months and years.

It has not been an easy journey, but I am grateful for this human experience  and I have been commissioned  by the Archangel Michael to unearth the cause of the havoc we are in the midst of on our Beloved Planet Earth and its people; and to “tell it like it is“, which could be the summation of my mission entrusted to me by the Archangel Michael

I must admit, to the consternation of this Archangel that it has taken me this three years to get here, the launching of www.archangelmichaelconversations.com  And I know this Archangel understands the constant trauma I have experienced over the past several years. It seems there has been a conspiracy of the dark side* to prevent me from making this launching of  OUR conversations and my mission to happen, not only for the Archangel Michael but all my brothers and sisters worldwide; wherever you are, whomever you, regardless of the color of your skin, regardless of the tribe, nation, state and religion you now belong too.

Given my 88 years around the Sun so to speak, an autobiography of my life would be, well it would be most interesting, but the essence of “me” is in these conversations with the Archangel Michael and my own writings/musings over a number of decades now. You will get to know me through these pages on this web site that I am sure of.

Rev. Michael Shymkowich Kennedy, Lt(N), Retired, B.Msc


* see “the healing of Michael” in the first chapter of Our book, and this will introduce you to Michael  II but I will not let that cat  out of the bag at this moment.




Rev. Michael Shymkowich Kennedy, Lt(N), Retired, B.Msc