Where does one start at 88 years plus to acknowledge all who have contributed to this journey of mine?  I am eternally grateful for all who have had a part in my journey, however short or long your presence was. So, I will just acknowledge those who have made it possible over the last several years that I continue the work of the Archangel Michael.

To my partner, lover, wife, Annette Margaret vanNiekerk, my infinite gratitude for her unquestionable loyalty and love over the eight years we have been together, through thick and thin and there have been many thin days due to my propensity to sickness and or accidents and yet Annette Margaret never wavered in supporting this mission on behalf of the Archangel Michael and mankind and our beloved planet Earth.

Thank you Darling; you are most loved!

To Mike aka Michael Rowland, who, without his “healing” touch so to speak over 6 years I may not have made it on my own to this juncture of this journey, and Mike also being “The Ghost Guy” at “healinghauntedhouses” and along with Terri Bernath at the “NRG” Wellness Group;  just Cahrei, who you will meet in Book I , The Shiny Girl also in Book I, the Shaman in my life, and Arden Rutherford, the spark of love that just is,  on this journey of mine.

And more recently, like just in the past month (June/17), Anya Papenhagen/Stanich, my amazing daughter in law who took it upon herself to build this website and will manage this site as we move forward to accomplish the mandate set out by the Archangel Michael. Thank you, darling Anya.


A Novel by Mike Kennedy (nee) Michael Shymkowich

Our telephone rings just once, and usually very early in the morning at around 3am, this early hour for me is when that veil between those unseen heavens and this earth plane is a most opportune time to communicate with those on the other side) when the Archangel and others of this group of Angels want to converse with me:


My eyes flutter as the conscious mind pulls me from the enticing comfort of a delightful dream where I am aware of myself as a much younger man. I can still feel the charge of vigor and youthful strength running through my veins.

Did I really hear it…a single ring of the phone?

I reach for my glasses on the bedside table. That enchanting dream slips away like sand through my fingers. The vague memory of a pretty young woman fades like a soft fragrance encountered on an escalator; not knowing its origin or how to recapture the fleeting scent. I glance at the bedside clock. 3:14 AM…yes, it must have been him calling…time to rise.

I turn to see my beautiful wife sleeping peacefully like an angel; her finger still rests upon the paragraph in her book; undisturbed by the nightly call. My hands grip the edge of the bed as my toes grope for my slippers. My wife turns and her book slips from her hand onto the bed. As I insert the bookmark and set the novel on her bedside table, she notices a change in my presence and one eye opens softly. “Did he call?” she asks with her exotic South African accent.

“Yes, my love.” I bend over and kiss her forehead. “Very well,” she rolls over and submits to slumber.

I feel the night chill as I struggle to feed my arm into the sleeve of my robe…having pulled it inside out when removing it the night before. Gently closing the bedroom door behind me, I head down the hallway…the dream is forgotten; only a ghost of its splendor remains. Entering my small office, I turn on the desk lamp and prepare for my mission…his mission…the mission.

“Hello Michael.”” (this is the end of the download from Source/the Universe  through Cahrei)

This “Hello Michael” referred to above is of course the Archangel Michael, who I have had the pleasure of “hearing”; being clairaudient, “clairaudient” meaning I hear clearly, for some dozen years now. Over time I began to refer to this Archangel in our opening conversations as Sir Michael and this Arch Angel would address me as Michaelsir in our conversations.

“A Novel by Mike Kennedy” down to the closing of “Hello Michael” was delivered to me by a dear, wonderful lady friend, Cahrei, who is also “clairaudient” and had this message for me from the Universe/Source; and this was, to me, an obvious (another) “sign” for me to get on with my task as assigned to me by the Archangel Michael, (often referred to as Sir Michael in these writings), and other Angels guided by this Archangel of Truth.

The Grid I; (this article was written late January 2013 just prior to my accident)

I shared with you on Facebook that I was about to undertake a mission to “challenge” the status quo of our, all, systems of governance including religion  and to tirelessly champion justice for ALL!

To quote from an earlier conversation with the Archangel Michael: “You are the Source Michael, make/have no doubt about it, but (not “and Michael, chuckle) YOU must do the work, yes OUR work Michael, with the utmost speed for time (theirs) is a wasting, for want of a better word at this moment. We (you and Me) must make every effort to spread the word.

Yes the Grid, Michael, gather them under your loving wings and fly Michael, fly![1]

That is quite a large order and then the more “I” thought of this “mission” I realized that I could not, would not do it alone and that is where you come in! This Grid (or network) is nothing more really then you – wherever you are, whomever you are to take up OUR challenge to challenge the status quo of all of our governing systems be it nation, state, tribe and religion and to champion justice for ALL.

We the people hold the following truths to be self-evident; that all men, women and children are created equal and that We are endowed with certain inalienable[2] Rights, and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that we will have a new birth of freedom of a governance by the people, for the people.

It will be no easy task to say the least, for you will have to shed everything and I mean everything you have been programmed to believe in some power – some salvation – outside your magnificent self, be it those hierarchies of nations, states, tribes and or religions. And once you make this commitment to yourself, you will become somewhat of an outcast in the beginning. These hierarchies of nation, state, tribe and religion have created a separate you and me for their own wellbeing; meaning power over the masses, and they have resorted to whatever means, sometimes subtle as in covert, and not so subtle as to ignoring the wellbeing of the people in their charge regardless of the consequences to the wellbeing of the masses and of our beloved planet Earth.

Further background information to set the stage for this book by the Michaels3:

It is more than obvious to me that a “something” has been plaguing me over far too many decades with “illness” and “accidents” that have prevented me from carrying out my “Soul” purpose during this journey and therefore have taken some remedial healing sessions with “Cahrei” a very gifted “healer”; this is what came of the first session, just recently:

“During a healing session (Dec. 29, 2014) Michael Kennedy mentioned that he had been told he is a ‘walk-in’ (when another agreement was made at a soul level). This resonates as true. On further exploration of that possibility, it was discovered that the walk-in has very similar goals and dreams as Michael and was recognized as a very good soul. Normally, a walk-in replaces the soul of a spirit choosing to exit a body but In this case, the two souls agreed to share the same body rather than one soul exiting and another replacing it. Also revealed, was that the walk-in soul itself was plagued by a malevolent energy thwarting it from achieving its attempts to improve life on earth. This in turn was affecting Michael.

During a remote clearing session, Cahrei established a connection and communicated with the walk-in. Yes, another spirit entered Michael at the time that he was deathly ill (at age 11) with typhoid fever. It saw goodness in him and strong stamina and life resiliency; physical traits that this soul lacked during its lifetime. The walk-in’s name in life was also Michael (for the purpose of clarity, the walk-in will be referred to as Michael II).

Michael II shared a bit of his life. He wanted to make the world a better place but he was not physically strong in life (weak, thin and rather effeminate) and he was overwhelmed by the daunting task he had set for himself. When asked how he died, he simply said “my heart stopped beating”.

Although physically weak, Michael II was spiritually a bright light and during his lifetime was the target of energetic attack. Those who are spiritually very bright are prone to attack by negative forces.

Two malevolent energies attached to him at age 20 and by age 35 he died (I do not know what year Michael II died). The spirit or soul of Michael II joined the spirit of Michael Kennedy during the time of Michael’s typhoid fever (with agreement of Michael Kennedy at a soul level). Unfortunately, the malevolent energies from the spirit of Michael II (and ultimately the current Michael), also attached and have affected Michael Kennedy just as they affected Michael II. Michael II wasn’t aware that he was bringing these malevolent energies when he joined Michael and the affect they would have on him. Michael II had these words for Michael: “Please forgive me for bringing this upon you. I never realized the incredible weight this would cause you.”

Cahrei experienced the emotional sadness and regret felt by Michael II that two lives suffered the burden of these malevolent energies. The clearing of these two malevolent energies was completed the evening of December 29, 2014.

Please note, there is more clearing to be done. There is another layer of clearing to conduct once the energetic shift from this clearing is complete.



Cahrei Spirit Works

Addendum 1:

The above “healing” was early, very early 2015 and it would seem that I have been somewhat lagging in getting this book done but, although a car crash in 2013 certainly held me back for three years.  Regardless, the show must go on or rather this book must be done and the healing of all peoples and our beloved planet Earth must be my only priority; 88 years around the sun so to  speak, pushes me to my uttermost limits, with afternoon naps lol to succour these tired and sometimes broken bones).

Addendum 2:

For the moment this is the transcription of the original note from “Pearl”; at the moment it is in PDF form in my documents from which I cannot copy and paste to this page in the original format, for some obscure reason at the moment:

“I am in awe of the work you are doing with Archangel Michael.  I never would have thought it possible when I was alive on earth.

I bless you every day for what you are doing. It has opened my heart and mind.

I love you very much.


Addendum to the Note from “Pearl”:

I was in South Africa from December 2008 to December 27th 2010 to meet my future partner, Annette; and as it would happen, bring her back to Canada with me when I returned.

It was during this period in South Africa that I undertook to create my second website;; my first website did not get the desired results, that is, large numbers of viewers. did get satisfactory results.

Both were created to share my conversations with the Archangel Michael and to share my own musings on love and compassion with the masses. One day after launching my/our second website, we heard a knock on our front door and there stood Catherine Van Alpen, with a handwritten note in her hand to give to me. A message she had received from “Pearl” (note; not from Mother but “Pearl”)

Catherine could not have known about any of my parents at this stage in our casual acquaintance; and to know my Mother’s name as “Pearl” is beyond any known odds to suggest that she could have, just boggles the imagination, unless of course one is open to such encounters with those that have departed this life time, regardless of the appearance of being “separate” from one another.


May OUR love be upon you!



[1] In my conversations with the Archangel Michael I write in short hand our conversations then type them to hard copy, with the response  of the Archangel Michael always in bold font to make it more readable and understandable to our readers/website viewers.


[2] impossible to take away; not able to be transferred or taken away, e.g., because of being protected by law (Encarta Dictionary UK)



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