Collective Organizing

There is more to this website then posting my conversations with the Archangel Michael – it is my mandate to right the wrongs of the past, in part by suggesting collective peaceful actions by each and every one of my fellow travelers on this beloved Planet Earth.


I personally endorsed the Leap Manifesto published under the name, which is in essence a carbon copy of my/our manifesto for change (soon to be published on this website)   throughout our Planet Earth and its people.


Naoimi Klein has written “No is Not enough (2017) resisting the new shock politics” (of Donald Trump and his well placed, financial/arms industry CEOs, the pharmaceuticals and big oil, ), and “winning the world we need”. Naomi’s book is not an off cuff ( nor will mine be ) assessment of the apocalyptic events taking place on OUR beloved planet Earth and its people. Naomi has spent decades watching/shadowing the events taking place within the board rooms of the elite and written “No Logo” and “This changes everything”.


NO is not ENOUGH” is a must read if we are to understand how we arrived at this terrible crisis facing We the People and our beloved planet Earth, and how we may counter this crisis in our own inimitable way as a people together to right the wrongs of the past.


We need each other to make change happen; We must come back to what we share – a deep hearted sense that our homes , our lands, neighborhoods and cities are worth standing up for. Collective organizing is more likely to achieve results then individual actions, (such as opting out of the systems of things), to produce robust environmental protections (one of many). And too, remember that our ecosystems such as the rivers, the forests, and the birds and the bees, etc., have the right to exist and thrive with their human counterparts.


I will also share, in good time as we move forward, how the YES magazine tracked how at least 50 communities came together to right the wrongs of the injustice of the policies of their “politicians” and made a difference in their communities. I will only share a smattering of these “events” but it will raise the bar on what the you and I may/must do in the near future.


WE THE PEOPLE – Right where we live is where we need “democracy” – a free and equal representation of the people.







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