September 4th 2017

Addendum to September 4/17 or rather probably the preface to that conversation: Yes I have procrastinated and I must admit it was getting my mind around this subject of “civil disobedience” as suggested by the Archangel Michael.  I think I have arrived at some direction that We, the You and Me, may take in the … [Read more…]

Book III

This beginnings of this Book III has just the two of the most important discoveries, The Flame Tree Project and the Leap. org,  I have uncovered in my research on how WE  may, and can address, and prevent our slide into obscurity on this beloved Planet Earth and save the planet in doing so.  THE … [Read more…]

Book II

    Preamble to Book II In reality, Book I was the preamble to this Book II in that it focused on the conversations with the Archangel Michael that set the stage for the forthcoming Books and “my” role in carrying out my mission as decreed by this Archangel Michael.  Unfortunately (?) it has taken … [Read more…]

Collective Organizing

There is more to this website then posting my conversations with the Archangel Michael – it is my mandate to right the wrongs of the past, in part by suggesting collective peaceful actions by each and every one of my fellow travelers on this beloved Planet Earth.   I personally endorsed the Leap Manifesto published … [Read more…]

Michael and Me

Well here we are [the Archangel Michael and me, the Earth bound Michael, (for now)] and me thinks it is time to unveil the next steps I have taken on behalf of this Arch Angel. I have been in somewhat constant contact with the Archangel Michael for some time now and this is the culmination … [Read more…]


Mike Kennedy, aka Michael Shymkowich, on a journey of discovery of who and what I am. This journey is now 88 years along a path of what would be called a normal path through our present “system of things”, that is, I more than less became a product, (a consciousness of), of parents, schooling, state … [Read more…]