An Introduction

The beginning of this year saw me make a commitment to write “that” book that seemed to be the way to get the message of deliverance from the claws and the seeds of our destruction, enshrined in the collective consciousness of the power of the hierarchies of nation, state and religion. These hierarchies of our governing systems and religions would have a One Government, One Religion, one huge corporate entity that would control every facet of our daily lives; this ruling class are immune to anything that would suggest there is a more caring and loving way to address the needs and wants of we the people. Under their agenda of power and greed over the masses, we are entering the darkest period of time ever yet encountered in our evolution as a species.

Unfortunately, given my 88 years around the sun and recovery from two car accidents, I had commenced a number of chapters when I was able to, but no further. Then as the Source, Universe, Spirit, the Divine would have it, this delay caused me to rethink the “book”, after all what I had written to this point, has already been said and written over, and over again and for eons of time.

But, “this book” is different (and what Author wouldn’t say so) in that it relies on only one Source and the Archangel Michael and those musings from this Earth Bound Michael to set the record straight on what ails the present systems of governance which has gone awry, and that is putting it quite gently to say the least.

I will acknowledge as I must, that this task was assigned to me by the Archangel Michael and there will be references to this task in my conversations with the Archangel Michael.

I will be going into material that is in plain view for us to see, if we had the eyes to see, but few would dare to go, it isn’t pretty by any stretch of our imaginations. I will explore the “disease” (ponerology- a new science ) that permeates all of our systems of governance, hierarchies and yes, religion.

As my journey would have it I do have the strength and the will again to chart a new course for we the people, a free people in every respect, that is free from the tyranny of our governing systems and religion, free from those corporations and individuals that have psychopathic agendas that are based on power over the masses and raping planet Earth of its riches regardless of the tragic consequences to our peoples and planet Earth.

A Clarion Call for a Consciousness Transformation:

This book is more than what is wrong with our present hierarchical systems, be it nation, state, tribe and religion. And it is more than what benefits would occur for all, were we to cast off the yoke of being mere chattels in these systems of things.

What has gone before is/are systems, of nation, governance, religion and powerful individuals, this is in reality a conspiracy where we are being, intentionally, kept separate from one another to ensure we march to their tune of a New World Order (NWO). And fear of one another is their greatest weapon. This a “consciousness” of separation rather than a consciousness’ of OneNess.

This is a clarion call for a consciousness transformation in our thinking and focus. We are evolving beings in an evolving Universe and we are all part of a grand, cosmic evolutionary process and transforming ourselves in the deepest possible way is in fact an evolutionary imperative with profound consequences far beyond our selves.

Our beloved Planet Earth and its people are in jeopardy… Unless. . . .

Mentored by the Arch Angel Michael for some time now and the following material and conversations are the result of an ongoing relationship with this Arch Angel and our singular task of the Michaels3 to raise this clarion call to the four corners of our beloved planet Earth. You will meet Michael II later which will come as a surprise I am sure, as it did me and just recently, after being Soul Mates for most of “my” life.

The following is the gist of the V Books on this website/blog and can/will be read as separate “books” and published over time in the following sequence:

Book I – is about “why me?”, the reluctant prophet, and my mandate for and on behalf of the Archangel Michael, and back ground information on how I arrived at this juncture of my journey.

Book II – Andrew Lobaczewski’s “political ponerology” a disease that permeates every level of our governing systems and religion.

Book III – November 22 1963 – this day of infamy that unleashed the dogs of war on the people of this beloved planet Earth and on Mother Earth itself.

Book IV – Our present day religions (10,000 of them) and my personal view ( and others ) of these many religions.

Book V – The Quiet Revolution to restore power back into the hands of the people.

Of course there will be the occasional, further conversations with the Archangel Michael and my own writings on subjects that may interest the reader as we explore our uniqueness as Soul beings on a human journey. These occasional blog entries will be held in the archives section of this website.

I changed my name to Mike Kennedy some years ago, from this time forward and in the pages that will follow with I will simply sign off with Michael; furthermore, I wish to acknowledge my birth name Michael Shymkowich out of my deepest gratitude to my parents “Onofry and Pearl” Shymkowich.