Mike Kennedy, aka Michael Shymkowich, on a journey of discovery of who and what I am. This journey is now 88 years along a path of what would be called a normal path through our present “system of things”, that is, I more than less became a product, (a consciousness of), of parents, schooling, state and religion. My thoughts and focus were the product of this, what I call tribal consciousness, consequently my experiences were in large part influenced by that tribal consciousness. Then came the questions, not so very long ago, really, who am I?, and the big question for me at least, was is this present journey all there is? I now believe, and can state unequivocally, that this journey of mine is just one of many that I have experienced and look forward to whatever may be in store for my Soul next time “around”.

For me the answers took some time to become part of my “knowledge/awareness”, that indeed I am more than my physical appearance, that I am a Soul being first and foremost, as you are,  and that indeed “this” journey is not all there is.

I AM! – I am an individualized expression of our Creator, One Source, without a doubt you are as well. As such, I am (we are) one with each and every one on Planet Earth, regardless of what state and religion would have us believe.  We are not separate, WE ARE ONE! As I AM!  I create my experiences, as we all can, and will from the only One law of the Universe, LOVE.

And so it is!

What has followed has been an exhilarating journey through the wonders of the Universe, a Universe created from and in perfection right down to the last grain of sand. I invite you to take your journey of discovery, and I believe it will be an exciting journey when you/we lose the bonds of separation from that One Source and one from another, and that we are never alone from those in the “unseen heavens”.

Unseen heavens”, and we are only separated from those Arch Angels, Guides, Avatars, Angels in those unseen heavens by a veil that is of our own making, that is, more often then not, we believe not in their presence and the power of their influence in our lives. But I say to you there is ample evidence in their power and influence in our lives in the countless peoples that have acknowledged and benefited from this source from the “unseen heavens”.

For me it is the Archangel Michael and his concourse on high in the unseen heavens that have come to me through the power of their words of wisdom when I have slipped through that veil that separates the “Them” from me, the Greater I AM.



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