Cerca Travo (seek and you will find):

To Serve and Protect the following truths that are self evident; that all men, women and children are created equal and that We are endowed with certain [1]inalienable rights, and among these, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must birth a freedom of a governance by the people and for the people; furthermore, to create a collective consciousness of love, compassion, caring and an understanding of the magnificent differences in each of us.

We are linked together and we must strengthen that bond of Oneness with all life on planet Earth and planet Earth itself. WE are ONE regardless of what separates us by nation, state, color and religion.

It is our intention to create a new beginning for all of mankind – the beginning of a consciousness of a love that is wholly selfless and spiritual, that knows no bounds – that we, all, are created equal – that no man, woman and child should be tormented by the machinations of our hierarchical systems of nation, state, tribe, ethnic cultures and religions. These hierarchical systems of nation, state, tribe, ethnic cultures and religions, have and are creating form(s) of governance where only the elite are and will benefit from the riches within and from our beloved planet Earth.



Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

[1] impossible to take away; not able to be transferred or taken away, e.g., because of being protected by law (Encarta Dictionary UK).

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