Michael and Me

Well here we are [the Archangel Michael and me, the Earth bound Michael, (for now)] and me thinks it is time to unveil the next steps I have taken on behalf of this Arch Angel. I have been in somewhat constant contact with the Archangel Michael for some time now and this is the culmination … [Read more…]


Mike Kennedy, aka Michael Shymkowich, on a journey of discovery of who and what I am. This journey is now 88 years along a path of what would be called a normal path through our present “system of things”, that is, I more than less became a product, (a consciousness of), of parents, schooling, state … [Read more…]

Collective Organizing

There is more to this website then posting my conversations with the Archangel Michael – it is my mandate to right the wrongs of the past, in part by suggesting collective peaceful actions by each and every one of my fellow travelers on this beloved Planet Earth.   I personally endorsed the Leap Manifesto published … [Read more…]